The voltage drop in forchheim lasted only 60 milliseconds

The voltage drop in forchheim lasted only 60 milliseconds

Most burgers must not have noticed the brief interruption of the power supply on wednesday morning. Some took the "short break at 9.44 o'clock by a flicker of light true.
As reinhold postler, the technical manager of the forchheim municipal utility, explained, the interruption lasted 60 milliseconds. The reason was a "fault" in one in one of the three 110 KV lines of the bayernwerke, which supply forchheim with electricity. The line was shut down to investigate the cause of the problem. The shutdown of the line had no consequences for electricity customers. "Our supply is safe", said postler "because there are three feeds and the other two lines stayed sharp."
The 60 millisecond incident had only led to a "voltage drop" the technical manager of the stadtwerke emphasized: "there were no outages." The forchheim household and business customers had "no impact" to get traces.
However, five calls were received by the municipal utilities in the morning from major customers inquiring about the cause of the voltage drop.
Industrial production machines are so sensitive, says reinhold postler, that even a minimal voltage drop in the power grid can cause control units to react and shut down production lines. Theoretically, claims for damages could then be made, says postler. In the current case, however, this is probably not the case.
Yesterday morning, postler was unable to make a binding statement on the cause of the outage: "bayernwerk is still searching for the cause of the outage." Experience shows that such voltage drops are more common in the spring "triggered by the flight of the birds. 


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