Third candidate for the mayoralty in wartmannsroth

Third candidate for the mayoralty in wartmannsroth

Actually, he wanted to take some more time, until summer. His homepage is finally also not yet finished. But after florian atzmuller and roland bronner have already announced their intention to run for the office of mayor in wartmannsroth next year, manuel betz is now also declaring his intention to stand for election. The 39-year-old can claim the role of the surprise candidate for himself.

Because local politics is a new field for him, since he is not a member of a party or a municipal council, unlike his two competitors. "Everything is learnable", says betz. He is not being thrown in at the deep end, he explains, because a well-trained and fairly young administration is behind him as mayor.

Betz was born in the district of wartmannsroth. With his father, a heating engineer, he often had to go along, so he says: "we were almost in every house." Betz himself works as an electrical planner at bosch rexroth in lohr, germany. In addition, as a self-employed electrician, he takes on assignments. With his candidacy, he now wanted to try something new, to get involved in something new, as he explains.

Studies had led betz to nurnberg. In 2006, he returned to the community, to volkersleier, where he later built his own home. At the beginning of 2018, he moved into the new house with his wife and their three small children. "In volkersleier, we were able to build the way we imagined", betz explains his decision to stay in his home community.

Betz sees himself as a representative of the generation that is in the process of establishing itself – that is building, has a young family or is in the process of founding a family. He wants to get this younger generation to get more involved in club life again. "Volunteering used to be a lot of fun", says betz, who is in the music club wartmannsroth.

Otherwise, he does not want to "reinvent the wheel" in the community, but be more present. Betz relies on his communicative, open manner. More communication is therefore also a concern for him, as he explains.

He had not thought that three applicants would be interested in succeeding him, says mayor jurgen karle in response to a question. And adds with a slight laugh: "apparently the mayoralty in wartmannsroth is in demand." When asked about the candidates, he will hold back promises karle.

Apparently, he has also thought about his earlier plans to possibly run for the municipal council next year. "I don't think that would be so clever. A blind situation could arise", the mayor now says. In 2008, when karle was elected to office for the first time, there were also three candidates vying to succeed herbert kohlhepp.

In contrast to today, there was only one candidate at that time, karle, who had made his ambitions public relatively early on. "Nothing has happened for a long time", reminds karle. Then paula vogler and ulrich bold joined as competitors. Surprisingly, karle nevertheless prevailed in the first round of voting as the candidate of the free electoral association volkersleier-heckmuhle against the other two by a clear margin.

Betz also wants to run for the free electoral community of volkersleier-heckmuhle. Atzmuller is the candidate of the CSU local association wartmannsroth and roland bronner will seek the support of the free electoral association schwarzelbach.


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