Tolerance does not mean equality

Tolerance does not mean equality

Those who attend an update service expect a relaxed atmosphere, christian songs and a message of faith. At the 12. The service, which was held at the protestant church in dettelbach and had the theme "live and let live," also addressed socially critical and societal issues, according to a press release: two young people showed that exclusion and hurt caused by pigeonhole thinking are widespread in the schoolyard. Two gossips (in the photo) tried to outdo each other in their favorite pastime – taunting others – and a scene from the subway about the courageous intervention against two hit men was a reminder of a real case of civil courage. The thoughts in the sermon led us through the memory of the scholl brothers and sisters to jesus, who consistently went his way trusting in god’s love. The song by the group pur "neue brucken" (new bridges) encouraged people to cross deep trenches of intolerance. With this service, the team around pastor uli vogel took up the annual theme "tolerance" of the protestant church on the way to the reformation anniversary and packed it into an overall concept with many facets. The 170 visitors thanked him with much applause and speeches. The next update band service will be held on 26. April on the topic of "space to dream" planned, instead of.


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