Untiring commitment to people with disabilities

The lebenshilfe bad kissingen home in hartmannstrabe has been in existence for 27 years. Today, it stands in the midst of shopping centers and apartment buildings. The 25 residents have furnished their rooms individually and with much love and feel at home. Because of the nearby stores and the fairly central location, they are able to run small errands or visit the doctor on their own.

There is also a good and peaceful relationship with the neighbors. People help each other, organize get-togethers and parties, volunteers always drop by and ask about the residents, drink coffee with them, play cards with them or take them for a short walk. People with disabilities are part of society. The home’s management reports on successful inclusion.

The opening of this dormitory was not so easy back then, on 1 january 2009. January 1990. The kalnischkies family, who had an apartment in the dormitory, had been struggling long before the opening, so that at least the most necessary things were available to the residents. Towels and bed linen were bought, beds were borrowed from another social institution, so that the first three residents, who had already moved in on the 2nd day, could move out. January have moved in, also feel comfortable.

The residents’ rooms were empty at the beginning, only gradually the craftsmen put up furniture and the living room and the kitchen were also furnished in a comfortable way. Harald kalnischkies was the director of the home at the time and took care of everything on site to ensure that the residents were doing well. So the first applications were made to the district of lower franconia, the cost bearer, new employees were hired, cooperation with the legal guardians was intensified and the house was gradually occupied by new residents. When the last vacant room was occupied, the total of 26 residents were divided into two groups to allow for more manageable pedagogical and nursing work.

At that time the residents visited the workshop in hammelburg during the day. There and back they went by bus. When the nudlinger workshop opened in september 1990, there was great joy among the residents because the new workplace was now only a few kilometers away.
Over time, a dormitory manager was hired, harald kalnischkies became a group leader, and his wife worked as a specialist in group duty.

Over the years, it became clear that some residents were approaching retirement age and would eventually no longer be able to visit the workshop. In order to prevent the seniors from moving to another facility, the former director of the home decided to take care of them on site during the day. In 2006, the senior citizens’ group was formed, which today consists of five seniors and three part-time employees.

They have been working separately since 2003. After the lebenshilfe bad kissingen association opened a new home in nudlingen at haardstrasse 14, harald kalnischkies changed his place of work and has since been working as a pedagogical specialist in the group service.

In 2017, the kalnischkies family celebrated its 30th anniversary. Service anniversary, as internship time prior to 1990 was also counted. Harald kalnischkies still works full time in a group with nine residents and a total of five team members in the nudlingen residential home. His wife martina, after also working for a short time at the nudlingen home, moved back to the bad kissingen home and still works there as a part-time staff member in the group service.

Despite initial difficulties and many stumbling blocks, the kalnischkies family has managed to set up a well-functioning, well-organized and structured home for people with disabilities. At the same time, the dormitory is also handicapped-accessible and individually equipped according to the wishes and needs of the residents.

"Through their great commitment, the tireless perseverance and dedication, the wealth of ideas and their expertise, the two are a great inspiration in the workplace and have contributed to the success of our association over the years", according to a press release from lebenshilfe.


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