Vw appeal to racist commercial goes to board of directors

Vw appeal to racist commercial goes to board of directors

After the internet shitstorm over a racist advertising video at VW, the entire board of management is to deal with the further processing of the issue.

This was decided by volkswagen on friday after the internal audit had examined the history of the heavily criticized instagram spot for the golf 8. "The first results are in," declared the board member for integrity and justice, hiltrud werner. "Now, in the coming week, the group’s executive board will assess these findings and discuss consequences." Details have not yet been made public.

The ten-second clip showed an oversized female hand pushing a black man around and flicking him into the entrance of a building. Towards the end, a sequence of letters appeared which suggested the word "negro". The VW works council demanded a swift reappraisal, after the company had, in the view of many critics, only apologized too late and reacted in a trivializing manner. IG metall’s influential confidants worry about their employer’s image. According to reports, it could now possibly become tight for responsible marketing managers.

The making of the video was investigated for two weeks. "We will inform our employees and the public as quickly as possible about all the important details and background information following the deliberations of the group board of management," announced werner. "We will also report on what volkswagen is doing to prevent something like this from happening again"." Racism, discrimination and intolerance had no place at VW.

The sequence had caused an uproar in the social networks. "The video is borderline and completely racist in its effect," said tahir della, spokesman for the initiative black people in germany. VW was initially "surprised and shocked" by the reaction, but then issued an apology: sales director jurgen stackmann spoke of a "racist advertising video" that offends every decent human being.

However, the video had already appeared on stackmann’s official twitter account eleven days before it was published on instagram and was deleted again after initial criticism. Stackmann does not run the profile himself, it is managed. "Mr. Stackmann had not been informed about the notice and the deletion of the video released by the specialist department," a VW spokesman explained.

The works council warned against premature conclusions – irrespective of this, however, the group was once again threatened with a situation of the highest sustainability and scope in terms of communication. The powerful trusting managers of the german VW plants also addressed the board of management in an open letter because of the video affair: "this bad image destroys the customer trust that has been built up over decades and thus endangers our jobs."They also criticize the handling of launch problems with models, saying the result was a "marketing and communications disaster.


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