Where herzogenaurach might be in 2030

The ideas from the population were manifold. Since the beginning of last year, the city has been working with interested citizens and the buro fur urbane projekte (office for urban projects) from leipzig to develop a concept. A concept for urban development in herzogenaurach that extends to the year 2030. The main features of the draft were presented to the planning committee on tuesday evening. This can be read on 181 pages.

Young families are to be given more consideration in the future, the "medieval feel the old town should be preserved, housing must be socially acceptable and affordable – these are just three of the very numerous suggestions submitted by citizens in recent months.

Sneakers in the city museum

The office of ideas also expressed the wish for a "property manager" in the old town, a coarser town library was desired and the town museum should get a sneaker department after all. Examples of how intensively the concept has been studied. Even though it was often the same people who got involved, as CSU faction chairman bernhard schwab noted at the committee meeting.

A strategy has now been developed from all the suggestions, as andreas paul and christiane kornhab from the leipzig office explained. This resulted in guiding principles for both the old and the entire city. These were divided into key topics such as "housing and urban development", "economy, trade and tourism" or "open spaces, climate and the environment" divided. A second public forum was held on wednesday evening, the results of which are still being incorporated into the draft. On 20. November, it will be the turn of the planning committee once again before the city council approves the integrated urban development concept (isek) at a meeting on 29 november. November is to decide.

The committee members received the concept very favorably. For SPD faction leader curd blank, the proposed measures will last for decades ("a roadmap for a long time") and, in his opinion, unlike other concepts, will certainly not disappear in a drawer. Retta muller-schimmel von den grunen also described the "concept for the city as a whole" in implementation not as a cure, but as a duty. Konrad korner (CSU) recognized "a great deal already" and buried especially the ideas for a young living (keyword apprentice dormitory) and the proposal of so called pop-up-stores for a temporary use in vacant buildings.

Second mayor renate schroff (SPD) found it astonishing "how interested citizens are in participating". With regard to the city park on the aurach, in her opinion, more could happen and the design area could be extended to the gansewiese. And franz-josef lang (CSU) formulated as the quintessence of the very positive process the realization: "contractually shape growth with a keen eye."

Mayor german hacker (SPD) described isek as a good basis for future mabnahmen. It will never be over, he said, because urban development is a complex area. Andreas paul agreed: "you are never finished in a city."


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