Where tranenkuchen makes you happy

Where tranenkuchen makes you happy

The names alone are enough to make one’s mouth water: "confetti cake", "apricot marzipan pudding", "pineapple rum" or "ant cake – all this and much more could be enjoyed by the many visitors to the tin cake festival in grobenhul.

The members of the sanspareil orchard and horticultural society had baked a total of 106 sheet cakes. In addition to classics from grobmutter’s time such as apple, cherry or streusel cake, there were also lesser-known creations on display. The "tranenkuchen" by sieglinde kolb from grobenhul, for example, was anything but sad. Meringue turns into many small, clear drops on the surface. According to the baker, what looks like a small work of art requires relatively little effort to prepare. When asked why she chose this particular cake, kolb replies: "because i know it works."

Cohesion is required

In total, the sanspareil fruit and gardening association has 140 members, about two-thirds of whom bake a cake for the festival, sometimes two or three. "It is mainly the ladies in the club", admits chairman reinhold munch. But occasionally also manners tie themselves around the ropes. For example, the 18-year-old nils munch from sanspareil contributed a kase-streuselkuchen to the feast. "Baking cakes is something that comes naturally to me. I also do this for birthdays or other family celebrations", explains munch. In general, he enjoys the work of the association. It’s nice to get something going together. The demand for cohesion in the village.

"You have to support associations", confirms a visitor from hirschaid. Together with friends, she rode 65 kilometers by bike to taste the grobenhuler sheet cakes. She got the tip from acquaintances in hollfeld and was immediately hooked. Behind her in the queue is a visitor from altenkunststadt, who also heard about the event by word of mouth. "We know very few people here", a grobenhulerin is surprised.

The blechkuchenfest has been going on for 15 years now. In the beginning, only 20 cakes were displayed in the courtyard of the country inn weith. Gradually, the number of guests and the number of cakes grew to such an extent that the organizers had to move the festival to the square in front of the village hall. In the meantime, word has spread beyond the region.

"Thanks to the dedication of the association’s members, the tin cake festival has developed enormously over the past few years. Such events make the community of wonsees known beyond the region and strengthen tourism", praises mayor andreas pohner. The chairman of the fruit and gardening association, reinhold munch, is also pleased with the high number of visitors. "This year, too, the tin cake festival was a great success.".


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