Wolfgang heyder: gavel stays with brose baskets

Wolfgang heyder: gavel stays with brose baskets

FC bayern is rushing up, blast to the rough attack and is due to its financial possibilities with many stars in europe the first contact – the brose baskets also get to feel that.

While the rich munich team, who lost out to bamberg in the semifinals last season, are currently announcing one new acquisition after the other, the serial champions from bamberg are in radio silence.

"Due to our limited financial possibilities, we have to take a much longer time for our decisions. We have to be patient, because despite our limited budget, we naturally want to sign players of high quality", emphasizes bamberg's manager wolfgang heyder.

He is sure that in the next few days, after the arrival of stars john bryant (ulm) and malcolm delaney (Kiev), bayern will also strengthen their team with wing player bryce taylor (artland dragons), playmaker stefan markovic (valencia) and yassin idbihi – after he turned down the contract offer from alba berlin.

"Bryant and markovic were also offered to us, but when the sums were mentioned, it was no longer an issue for us", heyder has no illusions.

According to heyder, gavel will stay in bamberg
In the matter of anton gavel, however, the bavarians have apparently given up their wooing. "We firmly believe that he will stay here. He has a contract, and anton accepts this also. He has never refused to fulfill his contract – despite the lucrative offer from bavaria. We will now try to verlangern with anton gavel", the manager describes the procedure in the tug of war for bamberg's star.

Gavel has held a german passport since january and has thus further increased his value. The topic gavel to the bavaria is for heyder in any case "from the table".

And what about the further plans?? "Of course we have ideas. But the fact is that not every player immediately says, I'll do it. Chris fleming is currently in orlando and then in las vegas at the nba summer league. We are already active, even if I always hear the accusation that only the others sign players. But everything has to fit together, and that takes time", heyder asks the impatient in freak city for understanding.

Neighbor and ford want to stay
The manager also emphasizes that bostjan nachbar and sharrod ford are strongly interested in continuing to wear the brose jersey. "With ford, however, it is so that he has well-paid offers and we have to see if it is financially feasible. But it is already a serious consideration to keep him", said heyder about two players who played a significant role in the team's fourth consecutive championship win.

The future of john goldsberry is also uncertain. "In any case, we are thinking about keeping john here in bamberg. He will certainly not be in the starting five. But the issue is not yet off the table. In which function is open", heyder describes the goldsberry personnel case.

After two difficult knee operations, the "general" struggled back to health and together with gavel and captain casey jacobsen he has been one of the leading players in the last few years.

Already promising players
So it remains exciting as far as the squad composition at the brose baskets is concerned. However, with german national players karsten tadda, maik zirbes and philipp neumann, young talent daniel schmidt, veterans anton gavel and casey jacobsen, and newcomer jamar smith, the major power in german basketball already has a promising pool of players, which it will be "just" a matter of building up over the next few weeks until the start of training in mid-august still need to be supplemented in a meaningful way.


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